🎉Twitch Anniversary 12 Hour Stream!!! 🎉


🎉Twitch Anniversary 12 Hour Stream!!! 🎉

Tomorrow on Thursday at 1:00 P.M. EST things are happening. So excited to you all to my Twitch Anniversary 12 hour stream tomorrow. This have been in the works for a long time! Thank you all for all the wonderfully blooming years! I loved our time streaming, chatting, and hanging ! And so many supporters! Thank you for your generosity and your love. Blossoms truly are the best! ♥






LadyLaven’s Twitch Anniversary SUB-A-THON!

NEXT WEEK: ♥ Decemeber 14th 2017 Twitch Anniversary SUB-A-THON!


Lady Laven’s Twitch Anniversary!


Welcome to the Twitch Anniversary Party!

YOU celebrate while in the stream and the fun will last!

The goal of this celebration  is to encourage new subscribers, reward donators and long-time supporters, give back to the community via giveaways, test the endurance and dedication of a streamer, and generally just have a fun time!

  • The stream will last until 12 HOURS!
  • The clock will start at 1 hour, then it’s up to YOU to make it grow!

  • Text to speech will be on!
  • Holiday Greeting Card – Anyone who tips $40 or above can receive a Santa Laven post card

Get an exclusive Santa Laven postcard from Peachy! Ships worldwide! Include your address in your message.

*Limited quantity available.


  • New Subscriber: +15000 oakheart to the currency points

  • Increased Sub Tier: +10000 oakhearts per sub tier

  • Re-subscribe: 5,000 oakhearts (your choice)
    • Specify if you’re adding oakhearts in the message!

  • Donate/Cheer: + 1,000 oakhearts per $1 or 100 bits (your choice)
    • Specify if you’re adding oakhearts in the tip message!

  • New Patreon Pledge: +1000 oakhearts per $1 pledged

    • Increased Patreon Pledge: + or – 1 minute per $1 increase (your choice)

  • Whisper me after you pledge, there is no stream pop-up for this!

  • If we do reach our goals we’ll begin our giveaways and even if we do not we’ll still continue the stream and the clock does not stop till the 12 hours are up!
  • If the timer runs out or goes into the negative, there will be a small grace period to allow viewers to add more time to the clock, otherwise the stream will end. (Subscribing, Cheering, donating)
  • The clock will not stop for food/stretch breaks, but these will be kept to a minimum. 😀


There will be a variety of games played throughout the day. How long the stream will go and whether we actually get to play every game is up to you! The longer the stream, the more games that will be played!

  • 12 hour stream there will be 1 game played each every 6 hours

  • The stream will start with IRL chat, then move on to getting into old games I’ve played when I started streaming on Twitch.

  • Other games may include:
    • Halo
    • Overwatch
    • Paladins
    • Call of duty
    • Paragon
    • Games of Glory
    • Heroes of the storm


Giveaways will occur randomly throughout the stream, and as we hit certain goals. The longer the stream, the more giveaways! You must be in the channel at the time to enter and win! Some giveaways will use oakhearts (the channel currency points system) and some will not.

Viewer Giveaways:

  • 10 hours in (9pm EST): $5.00 Amazon GiftCard

Subscriber Giveaways:

  • 5 sub points: $10.00 Amazon GiftCard



New Stream Schedule

🕐New Stream Schedule https://www.twitch.tv/ladylaven 
 Decemeber 14th 2017 Twitch Anniversary SUB-A-THON!


Decemeber 14th 2017 Twitch Anniversary SUB-A-THON




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