I strive to create a positive, fun and friendly atmosphere with very high community interaction; a safe place on the internet where you can feel welcome no matter who you are!
YouTube a wonderful place where I turn my dreams, into reality…it is my passion and mission to cheer you all up, and make you smile! When life is a struggle, I have something to turn to! My channel is the essence of me with anything and everything that I love doing.

YouTube has been a great platform for me to express my creativity and discover more of my passion. Although, I started doing makeup tutorials, it was not something that challenged my creativity enough for me to ‘evolve’ as a YouTuber, or Content Creator. My biggest dream on YouTube is to put a smile, and encourage you to follow your dreams and truly give it your all. Life can be rotten, so let’s create a world of our own…
I’m also a part-time Twitch streamer with the same goal of not only entertaining in a positive and constructive way, but creating a welcoming community for people all over the world, one that promotes happiness on the internet. It’s something we need way more of.
Thank you so much for the love, loyalty, and believing in me. Its all thanks to you guys that I am able to shine in my own way.
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Now some info about myself and involving my work

  • I’m an introvert

  • My social skills are severely lacking

  • I enjoy spending time with a small group of friends, animals, and a few of my closest relatives

  • My average day consists of working, eating, scrolling through social media and making content on youtube which has cured depressing days.

  • Although I may not seem as an interesting or talkative online I’m not as talkative in real life.

  • I have 4 registered channels on Youtube, including “LavenDairy” (which is now known as LadyLaven.)

  • I’ve been disabled many times in the past so this is the last channel I created. Once I got a growth in my 4th channel I stuck with this and occasionally went back to my older ones… well, just Lavender Aurora for myself. Yes, Lavender Aurora mainly because I never was too good putting together beauty and gaming content in one channel. That and I just have more creativity to both of  them.

  •  The only reason I’m still on here Youtube is because of my loyal supporters

  • Sometimes I get requests, sponsorship, collaborations, or become affiliates with and/or from others and get paid for it sometimes.

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